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Transform Any Chair Into an Ergonomic Seating Experience
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Use DR-HO'S Perfectback™ Rest with Every Chair, Everywhere!
Why DR-HO'S Perfectback™ Rest?
  • Attaches Quickly and Easily to any Chair
  • Supports Spine's Natural Curve
  • Promotes Healthy Posture
  • Soothes Tense and Achy Muscles
  • Use it as a Spinal Bridge for Stretching
  • Gives You Perfect Form During Ab Exercises 
  • Allows You to Sit Right, In Comfort!
For Perfect Full-Spine Support and Comfort
Do you ever sit at a desk, or in a car, truck, or wheelchair?
Wherever you are, the Perfectback™ Rest can help you sit with more comfort, and help to ease the stress and tension on your neck, shoulder, and lower back area.
Do you sit for more than
2-3 hours a day?
Anyone who sits for long periods, or anyone with neck pain, back pain, or sore and tense shoulders can benefit from the
Perfectback™ Rest!
Do you have tense or achy muscles?
Use the Perfectback™ Rest to stretch your back upon waking or before going to sleep at night. It will decompress spinal vertebrae and help relax those tight, tense muscles, for a great start to your day, or for a restful night's sleep.
Instantly Transform Any Seat Into One that is Both Comfortable and Supportive!
• Simply strap DR-HO'S Perfectback™ Rest onto the chair in your office, at home, or in your car, and instantly, you have an ergonomic chair with the Perfectback™ Rest.

• Perfectback™ Rest is designed to support the spine’s natural curve for comfort, and to promote healthy posture.

• Engineered with 16 pressure point massagers to soothe tense or achy muscles, it makes any chair in the office, car, and home a chair with the perfect back.

• Lie down on the Perfectback™ Rest to help stretch tight muscles and decompress spinal vertebrae.

• Use the Perfectback™ Rest while doing sit-ups to maintain proper form and help protect your lower back.

• While driving, use the Perfectback™ Rest to help provide support and reduce fatigue.
Sit Right, In Comfort, All Day Long!
Get 2 or 3 Perfectback™ Rest Sitting Systems for your Office Chair, your Car Seat, and for the Chair you use Most at Home. 
Your Body Will Thank You!
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