Perfectback™ Rest
frequently asked questions
Q:  Why would someone need the Perfectback Rest?

        A:  Prolonged sitting can be stressful and harmful for your body, especially if your spine is not supported properly. Prolonged sitting puts stress and strain on muscles, joints and discs. Poor posture can impede chest capacity, breathing and your circulation. Compressed abdominal cavity can put pressure in the internal organs, thus harming your health. It’s important to not sit too long at any one time. When you do sit, you want to sit right and in comfort. Dr. Ho’s wish is for the Perfectback Rest to help you sit with more comfort, and help to ease the stress and tension on your neck, shoulder and lower back area.

Q:  Who can use the Perfectback Rest?

        A:  DR-HO’S Perfect Back Rest is designed to guide and support the spine in its’ natural curvature. Good posture is important for overall health. It also helps to ease the pain and tension along the entire spine. The following people would benefit from using the Perfectback Rest:

       • Teenagers: Young people should use the Perfect Back Rest to ensure their spines get the guidance and support it needs as they grow. We want every teenager to grow up with good posture and a healthy spine.

       • Chronic Back Pain Sufferers: DR-HO’S Perfect Back Rest can help to ease the pain and tension along the whole spine.

       • Chronic Neck Pain and Tension in the Shoulder Sufferers: Good posture can help to ease the pain and tension along the neck and shoulder area.

       • Drivers and Passengers: Anyone who drives or rides in the car or airplane for long periods should use DR-HO’S Perfect Back Rest during travel.

       • Workers on the computer, or work with body slumped over: Any workers that need to maintain static posture should use DR-HO’S Perfect Back Rest on their seat for support and to maintain good posture, and again at home to stretch and relax the spine.

       • Stressed individuals: Use DR-HO’S Perfect Back Rest to massage the specific acupressure points along the spine to relax any trigger points and knotted muscles related to stress.

       • Middle Age and Seniors: DR-HO’S Perfect Back Rest should be used daily on the chair to help promote good posture. It should also be used daily on the floor to stretch the spine and counter the negative effects of gravity on posture. This can help to reduce the natural slumping posture as a person ages.

Q:  Where can I use the Perfectback Rest?

        A:  For perfect full spine support and comfort, put the Perfect Back Rest on your car seat and on your chairs at home and in the office. Every chair or seat needs a Perfect Back Rest. With the Perfect Back Rest, you can sit tall, breath with ease, smile and feel good.

Q:  How many Perfectback Rest should I get?

        A:  It is recommended you get 2-3 Perfectback Rests. Get one for your home, one for the office and one for your car. This way you can sit comfortably no matter where you are!

Q:  When should you use the Comfort Cushion?

        A:  DR-HO’S Perfect Back Rest comes with a Driver’s Comfort Cushion. This cushion is attachable to the Perfect Back Rest to provide more comfort for drivers and passengers. Without the cushion, some people find the Acupressure knobs a little too hard when the back is pressed against it for a long period of time. This cushion can be easily attached and detached by the 4 rubber fasteners. When using DR-HO’S Perfect Back Rest in the office, you can try using the Perfect Back Rest with and without the Comfort Cushion. After trying both ways and seeing which way is most comfortable for you, you can decide for yourself. Our studies shows that most people prefer to use DR-HO’S Perfect Back Rest without the Comfort Cushion on their chairs at home and in the office, but prefer to use it with the Comfort Cushion in the car and on airplanes.

Q:  How do you attach and detach the Comfort Cushion?

        A:  To DETACH the Cushion: Pull each soft rubber fastener until all 4 come off the Perfect Back Rest. To ATTACH the Cushion: Place the Cushion on the Perfect Back Rest with the material label on the bottom. Secure the 4 fasteners by pressing on the head of the fastener while pulling on the stem until the wider portion of the fastener slides through the hole of the Perfect Back Rest and locks into place.

Q:  How do you get a massage from the Perfectback Rest?

        A:  For the perfect back massage, just push back and slowly rub your back against the Acupressure Massage Nodes that run up and down the Perfectback Rest. Feel the tension release and the knots untie. It’s Acu-Pressure for your Acu-Pleasure.

Q:  How do you stretch with the Perfectback Rest?

        A:  To stretch your spine, use the Perfect Back Rest like a spine bridge. Put it on the ground, lie on it, move your arms above your head. Relax your body, breath slowly and feel the stretching and elongation effects on your spine. Keep breathing slowly and feel the massage and release in your tense muscles. For the first week, stretch your spine for 15 minutes once a day so you can gradually get used to being stretched. After the first week, you can stretch your spine for 30 minutes each time, 2 to 3 times a day. This helps counter the negative effects of gravity, of sitting and from your daily stress. It feels amazing and it’s simple to do. When finished stretching, roll off the Perfectback Rest to your side first and then get up.

Q:  How do you do sit-ups with the Perfectback Rest?

        A:  For doing perfect sit ups, use Perfect Back Rest to support your lower back while doing sit-ups and core strengthening exercises. The Perfect Back Rest is engineered to support your lower back in its natural neutral curvature. In its natural curvature, the pressure on the spinal discs in your lower back will be more evenly dispersed and is recommended for anyone with back issues. With the Perfect Back Rest, you get the support you need while protecting your lower back during core sit up exercises. If you experience discomfort or pain while doing sit ups, discontinue use.

Q:  How do I clean the Perfectback Rest?

        A:  Wipe clean with warm water and soap. Air dry only. Lay flat to dry. Do not submerge in water. Do not wring. Do not use dryer. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not put in direct sunlight.

Q:  How does the Perfectback Rest provide acupressure?

        A:  Based on Chinese Medicine, when you’re healthy, energy flows smoothly along Acupuncture meridians, particularly along the spine. When your muscles are tense and the nerves are irritated, the energy flow becomes blocked, causing pain and tension at pressure points in your back. My Perfectback Rest is precisely engineered with matching Acupressure Massage knobs. They work to stimulate the pressure points, to help unblock the energy flow, to help release tension along your spine for deep relaxation and to help promote good health. This is a registered patented technology that is only available with my Perfectback Rest.

Q:  How do I stretch with Perfectback Rest?

        A:  My Perfectback Rest also functions as a back bridge. Lay on it for about 30 minutes to help stretch your tight muscles, release tension spots and restore healthy alignment to your spine. This helps to decrease pressure on the joints, discs and nerves along the spine. You should use the Perfectback Rest in the morning to relieve your morning stiffness, and use it again before going to bed. That way, you can get your back feeling good and relaxed before going to sleep.

Q:  How does Perfectback Rest compare to traditional backrests?

        A:  Most traditional backrests are soft cushions; they don’t provide adequate support for your spine. They are not shaped right and are not comfortable for your back. They are bulky and take up too much space on your seat. There’s lot of room for improvement. My Perfectback Rest is ergonomic, it fits your spine, it’s very sleek and won’t take up much space on your seat, it’s ventilated to keep you cool, and it’s made with long lasting, composite materials that are strong but flexible, so you get firm comfortable support. It even has an attachable comfort cushion for people with back pain, and for people who drive. Plus, it’s the only backrest that has built in matching Acupressure massagers for relieving tension along your spine.